push notifications

3 Reasons Why Your App Should Include Push Notifications

Push Notifications are also called server push notifications. The push notification is a feature for informing an event that occurs on the server to the client without any explicit checking request. It permits an application to advise you of new messages or occasions without the need to really open the application, like how an instant message will […]


Google spotlights, open-sources trial Android applications

The organization needs engineers to present their applications for Android gadgets, including smartwatches. Google is putting the absolute most Google-y Android applications in the spotlight, and is sharing their source code to goad improvement of different applications. The site Android Experiments is showcasing Android applications that perform novel and surprising capacities. A compass application, called […]


Latest News On The Player Game Analytics for Mobile Game Developers

Google is extending its Player Analytics stage with two new investigation reports, Player Time Series Explorer and the Events Viewer, that give mobile game developers better perceivability into time-based player movement and custom amusement occasions. There are additionally changes to the player maintenance report. Google is likewise presenting another Player Stats API to let designers […]